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Riehle's Select grows and harvest the best, most unique blends of gourmet popcorn available. At Riehle's Select you're getting true gourmet popcorn from the popcorn experts. Grown, packaged and shipped from the Riehle Popcorn Farm in Indiana, you're guaranteed outstanding taste, texture, quality and GMO free. If it doesn't meet our high standards, we don't sell it. We take great pride in our gourmet popcorn which makes us stand out from all the others. Choose from 13 specialty varieties of our mouthwatering, whole grain, gourmet popcorn including our virtually hull-free popcorn, ladyfinger hulless microwave popcorn and organic popcorn! Once you discover Riehle's Select gourmet popcorn you'll never buy plain yellow popcorn again. 

*Try 12 varieties of our gourmet popcorn by purchasing a Popcorn Sampler. After trying the sampler, we are confident you will want more of our select popcorn.*


Riehle Select Popcorn has five varieties of hull-less popcorn, all of them are a whole grain food. The hull of popcorn is the seed coat, all popcorn has one. The popcorn we consider hulless, or virtually hull-free, are the varieties that are very small in size. Once the popcorn pops, most of the hull disintegrates, leaving a small tender kernel that is easier to eat and digest than most popcorn. The hull that remains is a small, thin hull, mostly unnoticeable.  The Specialty Gourmet Popcorn Line includes the best hulless popcorn of different tastes and textures: Baby Yellow (Ladyfinger), Baby Blue, Baby White and Autumn Blaze. We also offer a Microwave Hulless Popcorn with Butter Flavor and Natural Lite.

Virtually Hull-Free Popcorn

While our other popcorn varieties do not produce a thick hull, they are bigger kernels than the hulless, so the hulls will also be bigger. If baby popcorn is not your preference, the Pearl White is of medium size, the hull on this popcorn is very tender.

So indulge yourself in not only the above popping corn, but also our Gourmet Popcorn Line which includes: Sunburst, Ruby Red, Pink Blossom, Shaman Blue, Midnight Red, Goldenrod, Pearl White, Organic Yellow and Rainbow Delight Gourmet Popcorn.

To make more of your gourmet popcorn experience, try our seasonings, oils and toppings. If you do not have a popcorn popper, then you are in luck, our product line features a popcorn popper. Need a gift? Check out our Variety Gift Box and Popcorn Popper Gift Set, you will be sure to find the perfect gift for any occasion.

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