About Us

Riehle’s Select Gourmet Popcorn is a family run and owned business that is nestled in the heart of the fertile farmland of southeastern Indiana.  Our services of planting, harvesting, cleaning, packaging and shipping hale from our farm that has been in our family since 1910.  We call it Select because we have selected and sell only the best stove top popcorn available.  Our popcorn is considered Gourmet because the flavor and texture are of the highest quality possible.

Accomplishing the mission of getting our popcorn from our farm to your home is quite interesting.  We buy only high quality seed that is planted in early spring.  The corn then begins to grow much like sweet corn on a cob.  In the fall, once the corn is fully grown and has reached the appropriate moisture level for perfect popping, it is picked and shelled from the cob using a combine.  The kernels are then put into grain bins.  When a specific variety is needed, an air system carefully moves the corn without causing damage from the bins to our cleaning and sorting system.  It is during this process that only the best kernels are selected for packaging.  Freshness is maintained as we package and seal the popcorn and prepare it for shipment.

Popcorn is a very nutritious, whole grain snack naturally high in antioxidants, and because ours is NON-GMO, you can be assured of consuming only the best for your health.  Choose from thirteen varieties of stovetop popping corn with outstanding taste, texture and quality including:  our four tender, virtually hulless, very small kernel popcorn– Baby White Popcorn, Baby Yellow Popcorn, Baby Blue Popcorn and Autumn Blaze Popcorn; our medium sized popcorn kernels – Shaman Blue Popcorn, Ruby Red Popcorn, Pink Blossom Popcorn and Pearl White Popcorn; and our larger kernel corns – Sunburst Popcorn, Goldenrod Popcorn and Organic Yellow Popcorn; and a special blend of all of our kernels – Rainbow Delight Popcorn and a large popcorn blend is Harvest Blend Popcorn.

Our family owned business values high quality.  We offer our customers only the best popcorn that we serve to our own family and dearest friends.  It is our hope that you have the gourmet experience you deserve and that you enjoy and are completely satisfied with our products so that we may continue to serve you and your family in your future popping and snacking.

Thank you again for choosing Riehle’s Select Popcorn

You can contact us at info@selectpopcorn.com or by calling (812) 212-2202.