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Welcome to Riehle's Select Popcorn.  We hope you have had an enjoyable shopping experience that has been both easy and affordable.  Let us know what you think about our popcorn or if you have any questions or concerns.  See below for Answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Thank you for shopping and please POP in again!

Riehle Select Popcorn
9632 North County Road 800 East
Sunman, IN 47041

(812) 212-2202

We do not have a storefront at this location.  We are a family owned and operated business, therefore, we do not have set office hours.  We do operate on Eastern Standard Time.  The best time to reach us is Mon-Fri. 9:00am - 4:00pm.  In the event no one is able to take your call, we will return any phone messages as soon as possible if you get a voice message system.  NEVER EMAIL CREDIT CARD NUMBERS OR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION TO US.  Our website is SECURE for ordering, but emailing credit info is notIn the event you want to email an order or place a phone order or fax an order and you are unable to reach us, please leave a phone number in which we can contact you to retreive credit information. 

Answers to your Questions

1.  The best way to store the unpopped popcorn is in an air tight container, in a dry, cool place.  The best way to store popped popcorn is in a plastic tight sealed container.
2.  The best oil to use is actually a personal preference.  We have found our popcorn to pop the same in all oils.
3.  The Gourmet Popcorn category of popcorns all pop in an air popper.  The Specialty Gourmet Popcorn category of popcorns does not always pop in an air popper, but sometimes they do.  The hulless popcorn is lighter in weight and may blow out of the popper before popped.
4.  Hulless Popcorn means it has less of a hull than most popcorn.  All popcorn has a hull, which is the seed coat of the popcorn.  While all our popcorn has less of a hull than the traditional yellow found in the regular grocery stores, our hulless popcorn has virtually no hull left after popping.  It is smaller popcorn with a small thin hull.  Virtually all of it disintegrates while popping, leaving no hull, or very little hull left to stick in your teeth and it is easier to digest.
5.  We are not professional doctors, so we can not guarantee our popcorn to be safe for all people.

For more information see our FAQ