Hulless Popcorn Sampler

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Includes 3 of the 4oz bags of each of the 4 hulless varieties of popping corn (unpopped popcorn varieties of Baby White Popcorn, Baby Yellow Popcorn,  Baby Blue Popcorn, and Autumn Blaze Popcorn). A total of 12 - 4oz bags.


Hulless Popcorn means it has less of a hull than most popcorn.  All popcorn has a hull, which is the seed coat of the popcorn.  While all our popcorn has less of a hull than the traditional yellow found in the regular grocery stores, our hulless popcorn has virtually no hull left after popping.  It is smaller popcorn with a small thin hull.  Virtually all of it disintegrates while popping, leaving no hull, or very little hull left to stick in your teeth and it is easier to digest.

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